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Starling Removal Services Chattanooga

Professional Bird Removal and Prevention Services

Starling Identification and Effective Bird removal Services

Starling Identification

The European Starling made its debut in Tennessee in 1921, originating from the descendants of 100 birds released in New York's Central Park during the 1890s. This robust blackbird boasts glossy feathers that can exhibit a greenish tint when exposed to sunlight. During winter, these feathers sport a white tip, resulting in a spotted look. Starlings feature elongated, pointed bills and are more inclined to walk than hop. Their diet encompasses a wide range of invertebrates, fruits, and seeds.

Bird Removal Services

Problems and Damage Caused by Starling

Starlings can cause significant issues, including extensive defecation and agricultural damage. They also have a tendency to infiltrate buildings and homes for nesting purposes. A prevalent issue with Starlings is when they establish nests in exhaust vents of homes. Often, they build nests within the flexible ducts leading to bathrooms or dryers. Furthermore, they can introduce bird mites into your home, leading to additional concerns, necessitating professional bird removal services.

Bird Removal and Prevention

Prevention and Exclusions

For preventing starling invasions, The Animal Guys can identify and seal potential entry points using heavy-duty materials. These materials are robust enough to withstand animals' attempts to regain access to your home. Our comprehensive services encompass effective bird removal, ensuring long-lasting protection against potential infestations.

Professional Bird Removal Services

Starling Removal

If you've discovered a starling invasion in your home, The Animal Guys is ready to provide professional bird removal assistance. Our Wildlife removal Specialists are well-versed in starling behavior. With the aid of our bird one-way systems, we can promptly and humanely eliminate the unwanted starlings.