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Snake Removal Services in Tennessee & GA

Professional Snake Trapping and Removal

Snake Trapping and Removal

Snake Identification

Tennessee harbors a diverse array of 34 snake species, with only 7 being frequently encountered. Fortunately, the majority of these snakes are non-venomous. However, within the state's serpent population, there exist 4 venomous species, which include The Copperhead, Timber Rattlesnake, Western Cottonmouth, and Pygmy Rattlesnake. A peculiar characteristic of snakes is their lack of eyelids, which prevents them from fully closing their eyes. To shield and safeguard their eyes, snakes possess transparent scales. Additionally, these creatures lack external ears.

Snake Removal

Problems and Damage

Snakes typically avoid human interaction and are not commonly linked to causing damage to homes or structures. However, their presence can attract other predatory animals such as foxes or raccoons to the area. Certain snake species can display increased aggression while shedding, emphasizing the importance of contacting professionals for precise identification and safe snake removal. Although the predominant snake species in Tennessee are nonvenomous, it's crucial to promptly seek medical attention for any snake bites.

Snake Removal and Trapping

Prevention and Exclusions

To ensure that snakes are kept from encroaching upon your home or yard, The Animal Guys provide a comprehensive monthly service program. Within this program, a dedicated Wildlife Specialist from our team will make monthly visits to your residence. During these visits, our specialists will not only apply effective snake deterrents but also conduct thorough inspections to promptly identify any signs of emerging snake activity. If you or our technician happens to detect any indications of new snake presence, please note that our monthly service encompasses a 7-day trapping period specially designed for the safe and efficient removal of snakes from your property.

Snake Removal

Snake Removal

If you've discovered that a snake has intruded into your home or property, The Animal Guys are here to provide expert removal assistance. Our team of Wildlife Specialists is well-versed in snake identification and behavior, ensuring their ability to swiftly and compassionately eliminate the unwelcome snake from your premises.